Men's Group Asks Spotify To BAN SOLANGE'S MUSIC. . . For Assaulting Jay Z In Elevator!!!

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A men's group is trying to get Beyonce's sister Solange BANNED from Spotify's streaming service - because she assaulted Jay Z.

Two weeks ago, the music streaming site Spotify announced that it would introduce a new policy against “hate content” and “hateful conduct.” Spotify quickly acted on this new policy and banned music from R Kelly and rapper XXXtentacion - even though neither man was ever convicted of any "hateful conduct'"

Spotify's new policy almost immediately called for the banning of other artists. Activists claim that the service should ban music from Chris Brown, Eminem and others - because of what activists claim was "inappropriate behavior" with women.

But now a men's group is coming out with a "ban" list also. And top of the list is Beyonce's sister Solange. One popular men's activist said on social media, "Solange assaulted Jay Z, she should have her seat atthe table removed."

So far Spotify has not commented on whether they plan on banning other artists.