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This week Congress passed a stimulus package, that will give every American a check from the government between the amounts of $1200 to $3000. But the bill has a few caveats, one is that anyone who owes past-due child support payments, will not get a check.

The coronavirus relief bill was passed officially yesterday and it includes direct cash payments to help people through this crisis. 

You can owe back taxes, past-due student loan payments, or other debts to the government, and still get your check - according to Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, the chairman of the Finance Committee and a key author of the bill, but not if you owe child support payments.

As a result, the bill now being called anti-men by some on social media who believe the bill largely "punitive" against men and unfair in a time of national crisis.

But others on social media, mostly single moms, are praising the government's actions. Under the new law, a woman owed child support can receive her deadbeat baby's father's stimulus check.