MEMPHIS BLEEK: Kanye Cut Me Off . . . After I Told Him To Stop Messing With PROSTITUTES!!

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Roc a fella artist Memphis Bleek gave an interview two days ago, where he claimed that Kanye West had an unnatural love for prostitutes.

Bleek was on the podcast Reckless Rel and he told a story of how e caught Kanye West with a bunch of prostitutes,

Bleek told the podcasters, "Kanye and his man were talking about some [girls] . . . and they paid."

According to Jay Z's protege, he tried to convince Kanye that paying for prostitutes was NOT a good idea. But Kanye fought back, telling Bleek, "It's just like taking a girl out to eat."

Memphis Bleek believes that Kanye West "cut him off" after that conversation.

Kanye is making enemies EVERYWHERE, in fact, black leaders have called for a boycott of Kanye. We reported that, "Kanye West has been supporting ANTI-BLACK and racist alt-right leaders for the past two weeks - but now he's taking things TOO far. In a long and bizarre interview, Kanye made a series of puzzling statements." Dozens of Black leaders have signed on to boycott him.

And in another turn of events it also seems that Khloe Kardashian's baby's father Tristan Thompson is starting to distance himself from the FAMOUS family after watching Kanye's very public MELTDOWN. 

MTO News spoke with a person familiar with one of Tristan's CAVALIERS TEAMMATES. And that source claims that Tristan is contemplating "distancing himself" from Khloe and her entire family.

The insider told MTO News, "Every Black man that gets close to that family, ends up DESTROYED. Tristan has a lot of people around him that want him to stay as far away from Khloe and them as possible. I think he'll take their advice."

The snitch told MTO News that Kanye's recent public breakdown - is what caused this. The insider explained, "Tristan is watching Kanye and saying, 'I don't want to be that.'"