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Former video vixen Melissa Ford paid a visit to Out Loud with Claudia Jordan, where the subject of The Game's hit 2007 single "Wouldn't Get Far," which featured Kanye West, was brought up.

According to Melissa, the track, which was not actually factual, helped to ruin her reputation.

"Not only have I never had a Honda Accord, at the time the song came out I was driving a champagne-colored Mercedes Benz 550," she said on the show.

"Nothing rhymes with that, so the lyrics are, 'Every video girl wants to be Melyssa Ford, but what you don't know is Melyssa drives a Honda Accord, will do anything to go to the Grammy Awards.'"

Melissa says that Karrine Steffans' book also helped to damage her rep further:

"He named so many women. Gabrielle Union, Gloria Valez, Meagan Good, he names like twenty girls. Nobody is remembered from that song except me in 2006," she explained.

"That song destroyed my relationship because of the way people talked about me. Karrin's book solidified that I was a whore. Meanwhile, I owned nothing. The activities that she did and that he was insinuating... I didn't even know Game! I only met him once when he was one of 50's G-Unit soldiers. All of this was my cross to bear and it was so difficult because no one stood up for me. No one defended me."

Melissa added that she was "humiliated," and that the man in her life left her after the fallout from the track.