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Mel B posted a picture to Instagram of her tires being slashed and is hinting that her ex-husband, Stephen Belafonte may have been the one behind it.

The Spice Girl's singer, who is busy preparing to get back on the road for their reunion tour, claims she has endured years of physical and sexual abuse in 2017 at his hands. She later ordered to pay Stephen $5,000 a month in child support and $15K in spousal support while the judge dismissed her abuse claims.

Mel B took to Instagram to post images of her slashed tires, captioned:

"Just when things are going sooo well,my car gets deliberately slashed,what dangerous sick person would do that to a mother who uses her car to drive her kids to school and back #stopabuse #stopbullying just #stop #monster #karma when I took off my tyre to change it just now to my shock horror there were exactly 33 small knife slashes and 2 huge knife slashes all on the inside of the tyer soooo frightening on a different leval,me and my kids are safe thank god"

Although she did not name her ex, it was clear to everybody what she was hinting at. The tires had been slashed on the inside. Quite clearly a personal attack.