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TV Personality MEL B Unveils Her BRAND NEW FACE . . . And She’s Now . . . BARELY RECOGNIZABLE!!!

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Mel B shows off a large hairdo and her new face yesterday in Beverly Hills.
We’re not quite sure WHAT is going on with her . . . but we don’t like the road she’s on.

These snaps were taken while she was out with her daughter, Angel – who is also the daughter of the comedic legend, Eddie Murphy.

We’re glad to see her out and about. Her divorce from her allegedly abusive ex-husband, Stephen Belafonte as finalized back in December. During the process, Mel B had lost a lot of weight and was not looking like herself much at all. Gone were her famously sought after curves.

There were also rumors of a potential Spice Girl reunion tour, but Victoria Beckham put an end to that after it was revealed that she does not want to go on tour.

A source told the Sunday Mirror:

“Victoria doesn’t want to tour as her fashion business is going from strength to strength. But she will make a lot of money even if she doesn’t take part in the reunion. It’s ruffled feathers as she is still set to benefit hugely without having to do much. At the moment she wants minimal involvement. Victoria is adamant she is committed to her business, so Simon is seeing how he can get her on board without her committing to a major world tour.”

Beckham wasn’t exactly the strongest singer out of the 5, but a Spice girl reunion wouldn’t be the same without her posing and lip-syncing.

We hope Mel B is back to her normal, bubbly self soon!