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Spice Girls member Mel B is reportedly dating her hairstylist and longtime time friend, Rory McPhee.

The Sun revealed that the pair have been dating on and off for two years after meeting through one of Mel's cousins.

"She hasn't stopped smiling recently," a source told the UK outlet.

"Mel and Rory have been friends for years. Sparks flew between them two years ago, but they have upped the ante by going public. At the wedding, they looked so happy together."

Mel recently went through a messy divorce and custody battle with ex-husband, Stephen Belafonte. She claimed that the marriage was abusive and tried to restrict contact between Belafonte and her eldest daughter.

According to the source, Mel is not thinking too far ahead when it comes to her new bae.

“Mel isn’t looking for a serious relationship, and Rory is very easygoing, so they are keeping things very casual and chilled for now. As far as they are both concerned, they are happy, and that’s all that matters."