Mel B is racist against Black people, according to her ex-husband Stephen Belafonte. Stephen claims that Mel B does not believe she's Black, but rather "Armenian."

In a shocking court filing, first published by TheBlast, Stephen made the allegations about Mel B . He claims that his ex-wife has a “distaste” towards African Americans.

Stephen said in the court filing, “Simply put, I believe Petitioner is simply upset that I hired an African American nanny and that Madison has African American friends when she is with me,."

He told the court that in one text message concerning one of Madison’s African American friends, Mel B referred to the child as “a black boy.” He also claims that Mel told him that the boy’s family had “needles and glass pipes” in the house.

Stephen claims that Mel brought her racism against him also. In one exchange Mel's ex claims that she told him that he needed to get a job and he was “lazy like every other black man.”

Finished the court filing by stating, “I am concerned Petitioner will try and pass her racist agenda off to our daughter (as Petitioner believes she is Armenian).”


Belafonte says on another occasion, she berated him and said he needed to get a job and he was “lazy like every other black man.” The two sides were in court on Thursday. No major rulings were made and both sides are scheduled to be in court again next month.