Mel B reportedly upset bandmate Geri Halliwell after she admitted to Piers Morgan live on air that the two enjoyed a one night fling many moons ago.

But now, despite Mel B's claims, the pair may have been hooking up for at least a year.

“They were two women who knew what they wanted. It was very much a case of those two against the world," a source told Radar Online.

“It was in the very early days of the Spice Girls and their relationship lasted far longer than one night – it was at least 12 months," the source continued.

“Geri’s father had not long passed away and she was hurting from that, while Mel was a long way from home. While things were very exciting for them, it was also daunting,” added the insider.

“They were one another’s support, they got one another and were actually very similar.

“They were the stand-out best friends in the band. They loved one another like sisters – but also fell out in the way siblings do.”

Oh, dear. It seems that Mel B may have opened up a can of worms.