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Mel B and her daughter Phoenix Brown went out to the club together LAST NIGHT - and they really looked like they could be sisters. Phoenix is 19 years old now. And with the drinking age in London being 18 . . . she's allowed to legally TURN UP.

The two ladies were spotted stumbling out of a London night club, but still looking very composed.

Mel and Phoenix both looked great. Onlookers were impressed by how modelesque Phoenix looked. They were also impressed with how young and pretty Mel looked.


Phoenix is fresh off of attending the prom with her BILLIONAIRE boyfriend. They actually attended the ceremony in a $2 MILLION Bugatti sports car. We reported last month that the young man's family started a software company a decade ago. They eventually sold it for more than a BILLION DOLLARS.

According to the Daily Mail, "Phoenix, whose father is the Spice Girl's ex Jimmy Gulzar, was said to have raided her mother's wardrobe at the last minute to find the "dazzling" silver design that was perfect for her school dance. According to reports, Jimmy has always battled Mel to see Phoenix, while Angel's father Eddie Murphy has had limited involvement in the child's upbringing." 

Phoenix and Mel B also recently sat on a panel in London. It was Phoenix's first ever interview, here's what she said according to the Daily Mail:

Speaking about her famously saucy mum, she said: 'She doesn't want to wear my clothes for some reason. Dressing not your age just not the way [laughs] a mum in our case would dress if you take the kids to school every day. Less Scary...

I kind was brought up in it right from the start when it was just me and my mum for a very long time. I was really excited [to have siblings] I hated being the only kid, when you would work and stuff I would sit and play with my thumbs.'