Mel B Allegedly Allowed GROWN MAN . .. To Shower With Her Daughter!! (SICK Claims)

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The British tabloid The Sun has printed some DAMNING claims against Mel B. The claims come from Mel B's former nanny Rusty Updegraff. Rust submitted a declaration to a judge in Los Angeles on Friday as part of Mel B's ongoing custody battle with ex Stephen Belafonte.

In the declaration, he claimed that Mel B is a s*x addict, and that she is also constantly high on cocaine. But then he made some allegations that Mel may have allowed PREDATORS around her children, especially Madison who is only 7.

Here's the part of the allegations that was truly disturbing.

Rusty alleges she also brings men round for sex - including her daughter’s piano teacher - and even leaves her children unsupervised with the men, according to the court papers, filed at Los Angeles Superior Court.

Often the kids walk in on the former Spice Girl during her sex sessions with the different men, according to the court papers.

And this next piece is the TRULY disturbing piece:

One time, Rusty claims a man identified as “Frenchie” went swimming with daughter Madison then took her upstairs tried to shower her - before Rusty intervened.

When Rusty told Mel about the incident she dismissed it and told Rusty “that’s how French people are,” the document alleges.

“I was shocked that Melanie would be so callous when it came to Madison’s safety,” Rusty states.

“On other occasions, Melanie has often asked me and my friends (in my presence) if we can ‘get her’ any guys to be with.

“On another occasion, I received a text message from Melanie at 9:26 a.m. indicating that she just woke up and did not know where the children were and that the children and the French guy were gone..

This is truly disturbing.