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Meghan Markle's brother is the latest member of her father's side of the family to slam her to the public.

"I think seriously what should happen is that Meghan should actually just seriously get off her high horse, call her father, make amends," Thomas Markle Jr. told U.K.'s Express on Monday.

"The guy dedicated his whole entire life to her -- where she is at today is because of him," he continued. "That is the only reason and I mean enough is enough. My dad's dying wish, he tells me on the phone, is just so he can just make amends and see [his grandson] Archie. And have his daughter back in his life – I mean, we owe him that."

He then apologized to Markle.

"I'm sorry for that last three years of bad press. It should have been done differently a long time ago, and she could have had a big decision in that. Reached out a little bit more, and we would probably have a better time right now."

And he's right. Her father's side of the family has disrespected her many times to the media -- and always seems to make things worse.