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Meghan Markle is reportedly begging to have a home birth when she has her first child with Prince Harry later this month.

The Royals had given her four maternity units to choose from for the birth of her first child, but all have demonstrated a range of health and safety concerns which have caused them to be slammed by British government inspectors according to Radar Online.

“Meghan is appalled and rightly worried. The U.K. health service is a great institution, but it is spread so thinly that care suffers and Meghan doesn’t want to risk being a stat on their failure sheet,” a royal insider told Radar.

“Even the hospitals in the private sector are not without problems. She doesn’t know which way to jump so a home birth is a definite prospect,” added a source.

Whenever Meghan makes demands, the scoop always seems to be that she is a "diva" or is being "difficult." But Meghan just seems to be desperate to make sure that her baby arrives safely and without issue... like any mother would want.