Meghan Markle Calls 18-Year-Old Biracial Woman Who Was Set on Fire by 4 White Men

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Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, reportedly reached out to an 18-year-old hate crime victim after the team claimed that she was set on fire by four white men.

Althea Bernstein from Madison, Wisconsin, who claims she was set on fire while driving the four caucasian males.

Michael Johnson, the President and CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs of Dane County and Bernstein's acting spokesperson, confirmed to local news station WISC-TV - Channel 3000 that the conversation took place. He says Meghan chatted with her for 40 minutes -- Prince Harry also spoke to the teen for about 10 minutes.

"[Althea] and Meghan talked about the importance of self-care and allowing herself to heal," Johnson said. "She applauded her for the way that she responded and pretty much said, 'Hey, Michael, give me her cell phone number. I want to stay in touch, and let me know when you want me to come back and talk to people in Wisconsin.'"

"It's very, very emotional," Johnson added. "I talked to her three or four times today, and I'll tell you, Meghan lifted her spirits."