Megan's Shooter Tory Lanez Video'd 'Turning Up' In Club - Looking For White Girls!


Tory Lanez is not laying low, even after reports that he shot his now ex-girlfriend Megan Thee Stallion following a heated argument between the two in Los Angeles. In a newly surfaced video, Tory was spotted turning up in a nightclub recently, yelling that he wanted a "Becky," or a White girl.

Tory and Megan made headlines recently after he was arrested for gun possession with Megan named in the police report as the "victim." Days later, Megan spoke publicly about the matter and said she was shot in both of her feet that night.

So far Tory has not commented on the incident. And the rapper is still out here living his best life. Yesterday was his birthday, and he was spotted in the club - turning up.

Police are currently actively looking to charge Tory with attempted murder - and are working with Megan to put together a case against the rapper. 


On July 12 Tory was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon and Megan, was a passenger in his SUV at the time of the arrest.According to the police report, she suffered an injury to her foot from broken glass. 

Witnesses at the party the couple attended said they heard an argument and multiple gunshots before the car peeled away. Following that a video surfaced of the arrest and showed Meg exiting the vehicle and leaving behind a trail of bloody footprints.