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Fans of Megan Thee Stallion were ecstatic to hear the Houston hottie announced Friday's release of her upcoming album, Suga, but it seems that her label has other ideas and is working hard to block the release.

Just a day after a Harris County, Texas judge granted Megan a temporary restraining order, allowing her to release new music on Friday, March 6, 1501 Certified Entertainment founder, Carl Crawford, filed an emergency motion to dissolve that restraining order, according to legal documents obtained by Complex. 

Thee Stallion claims that things went left between then after she asked to renegotiate her contract. Crawford blames Jay-Z's Roc Nation management for Meg's sudden change in attitude, and during a recent interview with Billboard, stating that he expects her to honor her contract.

A source close to the situation told Complex that Meg has not been paying 1501 their monies owed for months, but Meg wants a full breakdown of the accounts before she coughs up any more cash.

 "For two years, they've been collecting her money and she's hasn't been paid," the insider said to Complex. "They're not paying her or submitting statements to her."