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Megan Thee Stallion Reportedly PREGNANT w/ Tory Lanez Baby?? (Shocker)

People keep wondering WHY female rapper Megan Thee Stallion appeared to be trying to protect her former lover Tory Lanez, after she claims that he shot her in the foot.

News reports claim that Megan has not been cooperating with police or prosecutors.

Well now MTO News is hearing rumors that Megan may have thought she was pregnant by the rapper at the time o the shooting.

We spoke with one of Meg's friends who claims that Megan and Tory were seeing each other romantically for at least a month before the shooting.

Meg's friend told MTO News, "They were together. I'm not going to say they were a couple, but definitely hooking up."

And the friend believes that Megan may have been pregnant. 

The friend told MTO News, "I can't say for certain, but she was giving off pregnancy vibes. She was glowing, especially when we talked about Tory. I got the feeling that she could have been pregnant."

Here are some recent pics of Meg. Her stomach looks pretty flat, but you can see an teeny weeny bit of a bulge. . .