Megan Thee Stallion Photo'd w/out Bandage On Foot - Accused Of 'Lying'! (Pics)

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Last month, Megan Thee Stallion claimed that she was shot in both of her feet by her former lover, rapper Tory Lanez. Now MTO News has learned that many of Tory's fans are claiming that Megan may have either lied on Tory or exaggerated the extent of her injuries.

Less than a month after allegedly being "shot" in both of her feet, Megan was out at a Miami strip club - partying it up with strippers. In the video, Meg didn't appear to have crutches or a wheelchair - which is bizarre for someone who recently suffered two gunshot wounds.

But in the video, Megan did have a bandage on her foot:

Here's where things get strange. That bandage was only on Meg's foot temporarily. A few hours later, Meg went to DJ Khaled's home, and she did not appear to have the bandage on her foot.


Megan's removal of the bandage has led some on social media to believe that she may be "faking" her injury.

Then, a few hours later, she showed a video of herself twerking - and seemingly uninjured:

MTO News reported that Megan claims she was "shot" by Tory in both her feet and that she needed surgery to remove the bullets. Meg claimed that her injuries were so severe, that she feared that she could be permanently injured.

Tory's fans are claiming - after seeing Meg out in the club and without a bandage - that either Megan exaggerated her injuries or that she outright lied.