Megan Thee Stallion wants to make ensure that her "body count", the number of men that she's slept with, remains low. And the female rapper has a very unorthodox way to keep her numbers down.

According to Megan - she sleeps with her ex-boyfriends.

The "Sex Talk" rapper explained, in a recent interview with Hot 97s Ebro & The Morning:

"Even if we break up, I'm still trying to f*ck on you because I'm not adding no unnecessary sh*t," Megan explained. "Do you know how long it took for us to do it?

So like, hell no, we finna still do it. I can't. All that mileage, no.

I ain't tryna run it up like that. Even if he's in another relationship, he's still mine. Until I get done. Until I'm finished."

Here's a part of the interview:

Megan is currently trending on social media, for making this rather unorthodox claim.