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Female rapper Megan Thee Stallion is really living her Hot Girl life. Over the weekend, she was spotted out on a date with rapper YG. And two weeks ago with Trey Songz. Prior to that she had dinner with Tristan Thompson, and on another occasion Meek Mill.

This time Megan was seen meeting up with another rapper - French Montana. And the dinner, we're told by folks close to Megan, "was a date."

Megan's celebrity body count is really starting to add up. In just the last month, she's been romantically linked to Meek Mill, Moneybag Yo, Trey Songz, Tristan Thompson, YG, and now French Montana.

And while many of Megan's fans like her new dating life, some men on social media are calling the female rapper a "thot."

These fans think the rapper is getting "run through" by dating so many celebrity men, in such a short period of time. Interestingly, these same fans don't have similar critiques for male rappers - who date dozens of women in a single month.

Here are the pics of French and Megan, trying to sneak in to dinner together:


The 24-year-old sensation lit up the red carpet on Saturday at Variety's 2019 Hitmakers event, which was held at the Soho House in West Hollywood, Calif. Her colorful heart-printed ensemble, that was most likely a Versace design, wasn't the only thing that made her fans swoon.

Speaking to E! News at the star-studded ceremony, the "Hot Girl Summer" rapper revealed she was going to pay French Montana a visit. 

"I'm actually going to go see him after this," she said, adding that he was totally surprised. "He's great," she revealed. "He's like, 'Megan, I just can't believe you came to see me. And I'm like, why would I not come see you, you're my friend!' So yeah, he's good."

Seems like they could be more than friends...