Megan Thee Stallion Claps Back At 'WAP' Critics


Megan Thee Stallion is not taking her "WAP" critics too seriously and clapped back at them using an iconic favorite rap tune.

"Lol dudes will scream "slob on my knob" word for word and crying abt WAP 😂 bye lil boy" she said in reference to the 1999 track by Tear Da Club Up Thugs, "Slob on My Knob."

"Slob on my knob like corn on the cob/ Check in with me, and do your job/ Lay on the bed, and give me head/Don't have to ask, don't have to beg/ Juicy is my name, sex is my game/Let's call the boys, let's run a train/ Squeeze on my nuts, lick on my butt," the rap on the track.

The single from Cardi and Meg has been receiving backlash from a few prudes online who think the lyrics and the video are too sexual. They've obviously never listened to Nicki Minaj, or Trina or Khia.