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Megan Thee Stallion and her makeup artist appear to be at odds after the star did not credit him for his work during an interview with Vogue.

During the interview, Meg was asked how she learned to do her makeup:

"One day my grandma just bought me hella eyeshadow from like the Dollar Store probably. I was like 12. When she did that, it was over for these b**ches. My mom arched my eyebrows for the first time when I was in ninth grade and I like took over," she said.

But her makeup artist Akil McCoy slid into her comments section to take credit for his work with the star. Thee Stallion then responded that she also handled her makeup. Akil said:

"no you filled in your eyebrows and put on your lighter Mac powder when I was done. This is not a makeup war I always do your makeup and never get credited."

Then Megan commented with, "Woah. First of all if you was really 'hurt' you could've txt me this. Second you right it ain't a war bc we all kno I do my makeup and you touch it up or I let you start it and I'll finish it."

To be fair to Megan, she did give Akil a shoutout in the actual Vogue interview:

"I like Akil a lot and we get into it like every day. 'Don't do it like that, don't put it like that friend. He'll be like, 'I'm not.' And he doing whatever the fc*k he wanna' do."