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Megan Thee Stallion claims to be 24 years old. But according to new documents, Megan may be lying about her age.

MTO News broke the story earlier this week, that the female rapper was arrested by police last year in Austin, Texas. Megan got into a fight with her then boyfriend - and the police took her into custody and charged her with assault.

Well according to a document posted on social media today, the booking details from Megan's arrest claim that her date of birth is February 15, 1990. If that date is correct, that would make Megan 29 years old.

Megan claims that her birthday is actually February 15, 1995 - and that she's 24 years old.

Megan wouldn't be the first celebrity to lie publicly about her age. For years, Nicki Minaj claimed to be five years younger - so that she could relate to her teenage fans.

And music sensation Beyonce has also been accused of lying about her age. According to online reports, Bey shaved as much as a half a dozen years from her real age.

Here's her mugshot, taken last year: