Megan The Stallion's EX-BF Allegedly Says Megan's WAP ... 'SMELLS MUSTY'!!


Megan Thee Stallion is going viral with her new song "Wet Ass P***y," where she and Cardi B brag about their vaginas. Well MTO News uncovered a purported post on Instagram where one of Megan's exes appears to suggest that while Megan's vajayjay may be wet ... it may also be "musty."

Hip hop star MoneyBagg Yo was rumored to have dragged his ex-girlfriend Megan Thee Stallion way back in January. Then, the rapper purportedly posted on Snapchat that the "Hot Girl Summer" hitmaker smelled bad.


The Bread Gang rap star didn't give any names but he made a clear reference to whom he talked about. "If she's a stallion but musty all the time, do that make her a mustang?" so the 28-year-old rapper wrote on his account.

The post quickly went viral. Along with a selfie of Moneybagg which purported to prove the account was really his. Eventually, the rumors reached Megan, and she responded with a "cap" emoji, which basically meant she called Moneybagg a liar.

The Moneybagg Yo alleged post is now getting new life since Megan released her new song WAP, which is trending all over the world. In the song, Megan and Cardi brag about how great their lady parts are...

The controversial song must have people in their feelings - because Moneybagg's alleged old post resurfaced and has been shared millions of times in the past 24 hours.