Actress Meagan Good is going viral today, after she unveiled her new "bleached" face on The Real today.

Meagan has been considered one of the most beautiful women in the world - and part of her beauty, was her flawless brown skin.

Now her skin is no longer brown. 

Meagan has been looking a lot "lighter" recently. Some of her fans blame the apparent skin lightening on makeup. But others are speculating that the actress may have bleached her skin.

Skin bleaching is a controversial procedure done by many Black and Brown women across the globe. It is controversial because it poses long-term health risks, and because women who bleach their skin are often seen as suffering from "self hate."

Here's what Meagan looked like today on The Real.


And here are some of the comments about her look, from social media:

Wow, she looks terrible. You can tell that’s not her natural skin tone. It’s at the point where it’s awkward now as there’s nothing left to blame (lighting, make up, etc).

oh wow!!! she's giving me Nigerian Bleach Auntie vibes..

She's as light as Tisha Campbell

Noooo. what happened to my Meagan