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Megan & Cardi B Get Into 'ARGUMENT' At Birthday Party! (Video)

Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B appear to have gotten into a bit of a dust-up at Cardi's Las Vegas birthday party, MTO News has learned.

The two female rappers seemed to be arguing, and one guest feared that their disagreement would turn physical." According to one person who attended the celeb-filled event, MTO News has learned, Cardi and Megan were "in each other's faces."


Cardi B invited tons of celebrities to Vegas, for her birthday party. In attendance was her not so estranged husband Offset, Kylie Jenner, 21 Savage, Floyd Mayweather, Meek Mill, The Weeknd, and more.

Of course, Cardi's WAP partner Megan Thee Stallion was also there.

And Cardi made sure that Megan received special attention at the party. For example, MTO News confirmed that when Megan arrived, she was greeted by a full marching band - which playing an instrumental version of their hit song 'WAP.'"

Cardi's birthday was held at AREA 15 and was a Sahara Desert-theme... complete with live camels.

But apparently, Cardi didn't spend ENOUGH time with Megan, and according to one guest - that made Megan upset.

Our insider explained, "Megan came [all the way] out there and didn't spend more than few minutes with [Cardi] - yeah I'm pretty sure she was upset."

It also didn't help that both ladies appeared to be drinking heavily at the event.

MTO News source claims that Megan approached Cardi, and the two female rappers argued for a few minutes before they were separated by security.

The source told MTO News, "It looked like a very heated argument, then security stepped in."

Dang .  . we hope it's nothing too serious.