Mega church Pastor John Gray has been facing cheating allegations for the past few months.

3 weeks ago Pastor Gray went on The Real and admitted having an "emotional" affair on his wife Aventer, but insisted that he never had a physical affair on his wife.

Now the mistress is speaking out, and she is telling  different story. 

The mistress gave a full and detailed recorded interview with the Youtube show Larry Reid Live. In the interview, the mistress said that she and Pastor Gray had sex, and that the mega-church Pastor speaks in tongues while climaxing.

The anonymous woman told the interviewer that she's known Pastor Gray since childhood. She further claimed that Pastor Gray does not love his wife Aventer.

The woman claims the pastor described the church's First Lady as sexually frigid. She also claims that Pastor Gray told her that Aventer doesn't wash his clothes or take care of their children. The Pastor went on to allegedly complain about the amount of money he spends on nannies and housekeepers.

In the explosive interview the mistress also claimed Pastor Gray would tell her, "God told me you needed some money, check your cash app." Afterwards, the man of God would allegedly ask to see her breasts.