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There's a new cast member on Bravo's hit TV series Real Housewives of The Potomac - and MTO News has all the exclusive details.

Yesterday, Bravo accidentally leaked a picture of the new cast, and it showed the new cast - including all 6 of last years ladies plus one more. The newest Potomac Housewife is Dr. Wendy Osefo, PhD.

The pic of the new cast leaked - and while we can't post it - here's the link to it.


You can see Wendy is on the far left of the image.

Now here are some details on Wendy. First off, she's been trying to get on the show for the past year. She and her husband were "extras" on last season of the Real Housewives Of Potomac.

Here's a pic of them in the background last season:


Wendy works as a television personality and progressive political commentator and a professor at the prestigious John's Hopkins University. 

Here's her bio from the John's Hopkin's website:

Wendy Osefo is an assistant professor in the Doctor of Education program at the Johns Hopkins School of Education. Her research examines how race and class influence the learning, achievement, and educational trajectories of non-dominant students in schools and community settings, and explores the intersections between race, equity, and underserved student groups in K-12 and postsecondary learning communities.

Wendy is married to Edward Osefo (who works as a business consultant) and has two children: