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Meet Rapper SEAN KINGSTON's New Girlfriend . . . She's GORGEOUS . . . Has A Great BODY . . . And She's Also . . . A TECH NERD!!! (BIKINI Pics Of The NERD BEAUTY)

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Rapper Sean Kingston's new girlfriend is a winner. Sean didn't do like most OTHER rappers do - and wife up some STRIPPER or INSTA-THOT. He managed to land himself a quality woman.

In addition to doing some modeling, his girlfriend ANGELA is a tech programmer. Here's how she describes herself:

I am a passionate developer who thinks boundlessly, works purposefully and lives passionately. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mindset and decided to hone that passion by focusing on refining my skills as a Ruby Developer.

I'm an excellent problem solver and take great pride in tackling new programming challenges.

Nice . . .

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