Meet Rapper MAINO'S Girlfriend . . . . She's Gorgeous And LOOK AT THAT BODY!!!

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Rapper Maino has been notoriously private about his personal life. But recently he's been photographed out and about with a lovely woman - whom he's gotten VERY erious with.

The woman is a New York party girl named Maggie Carrie. And Maggie, like you'd expect, is absolutely stunning.

MTO News confirmed that she and Brooklyn native, Maino have been dating each other seriously now for a few months - and they seem to be very happy together.

Here's Maino throwing her a surprise Birthday party earlier this week:

And here's the couple dancing to a love song. Looks like she got the GANGSTER RAPPER in love:


You may not remember, but Maino spent 10 years in prison for robbing and kidnapping a drug dealer. Then in the 2016 Irving Plaza shooting, he was cleared of any responsibility in the shooting with an NYPD Chief saying "We do not believe that he (Maino) was involved in the dispute.”

Maino isn't one to be messed with, because back on September 12, 2010, Maino made a cameo on the MTV show World of Jenks where he infamously had an altercation with show host Andrew Jenks after a culture clash. This was said to be the most dramatic episode of World of Jenks. Though Maino clashed with Jenks, the two reconciled their differences at the end.

The rapper also released a song and video for "F*ck Boyz" recently, too.