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When Cam'ron broke up with his gorgeous reality star girlfriend Juju - his fans wondered what his new GF would be like.

Well now MTO News got pics and video of his new bae - a pretty chick named Tawasa.

Tawasa and Cam spent New Years together, and by the looks of her social media page - they seem to really be into each other.

Tawasa leaked videos on her Instagram of the couple joking around with each other, and others of the two snuggling together in bed.

Cam'ron and his longtime girlfriend Juju broke up in 2017. He explained why he broke up with Love & Hip Hop star Juju on The Breakfast Club. According to Cam, he left because Juju was "no longer fun."

In fact, according to BET, "Cam suggested Juju became jealous about his interactions with other women online. “It was kind of mutual. For me, it just wasn’t fun anymore,” he explained. When Instagram came out, it was fun in the beginning and then it became serious, [Juju would say] ‘Why you following her?’ Or, ‘You like that person picture,’ or ‘People are saying this.’ And I’m like, ‘Yo, you gotta be my best friend for because that’s what I’m in it for.’ … It just stopped being fun and I think she felt that way too.”

Well - Tawasa definitely looks like a fun girl. And her Instagram profile description shows that she's a self described "hustler".

Here are pics of the two: