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Meet NBA Star Derrick Rose's Girlfriend . . . She's SMART . . BEAUTIFUL . . . And HELD HIM DOWN During The RAPE CASE!!!

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When NBA star Derrick Rose was accused of RAPE a few years ago, a lot of people in his life RAN FOR COVER.

But one special woman in his life was there to HOLD HIM DOWN through all the turmoil - Derrick's lovely GF Alaina. For those interested, she's biracial - half African-American and half-White.

Alaina was there with Derrick, through accusations, depositions and through the trial. Her love and commitment to D Rose never wavered.

Now that the rape stuff is BEHIND THEM, Derrick and Alaina have been making more PUBLIC appearances together. The two were spotted at the SMACK RAP BATTLE this weekend, loved up. See bottom pic: