Mega buzzing rapper, Megan Thee Stallion, burst onto the scene last year - and almost immediately there were rumors that she was dating Da Baby, then Moneybagg Yo, then Meek Mill, and now there are rumors of her with Trey Songz.

Well, it turns out that all of that was just CAP. That's right, ALL of those "relationships" were faked - and done so that Megan could get career CLOUT.

Her "Hot Girl" image and fake relationships with various hip hop stars have worked for her. She is now the biggest female rapper in the world.

But if her relationships with all those celebrities are fake - then who is her real boyfriend???

MTO News has confirmed that has been dating her REAL man for the past two years. MTO News spoke with multiple people close to the female rapper, who tell us that Megan has been dating a Houston street dude named Hotboy Awesome.

Hotboy is a music industry executive that works with a bunch of artists, and he's also VERY well respected in the streets.

Here are pics of them together:

And here's a pic of Hotboy, showing off his favorite weapon - an automatic rifle:


Some of Megan's fans began noticing that Hotboy was always around Megan - and instead of realizing that the two were in a relationship - they speculated that he may have been one of Megan's gay male friends.

Well, Hotboy immediately took to Live yesterday to straighten things out. Here he is explaining to the audience that he is NOT gay. In the video, he subtly insinuates that he and Megan are in a relationship.