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Rapper Meek Mill is dating a new woman - and she's a beautiful Latina from NY.

The famous rapper from Philadelphia took to social media where he posted a photo getting very cozy with a woman who looks like a younger version of Kim Kardashian. The mysterious beauty was featured in the music video for Meek Mill’s latest track, “Dangerous” featuring Jeremih and PnB Rock.

The lovely Latina's is named Michelle Pichardo, and she works as a bottle girl at a few gentleman's clubs in New York. According to sources, Meek has been wining and dining the voluptuous girl - and that now the two are serious.

How serious? Well word is that next time you see Meek at a red carpet event, you may see Michelle on his arm.

But not all of Meek's fans approve of his choice in a new girlfriend. He's been receiving a lot of hateful comments about her on social media.

Many fans took to the comment section to say that they are frustrated over the fact that Meek has decided to date a non-black woman when so many members of the African-American community fought to get him out of prison.

Here are a few comments made by his fans:

he's really pretty but there's literally 30000 other bartender b*tches in nyc who look exactly like her lmao im not impressed 

I thought you wanted a normal chick from the hood???? 😂

She look like a brats doll lol