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Meek Mill's lawyers have requested more time trying to decide whether or not the rapper will be retried in a 2007 drug and gun case.

Meek has been on trial for over a decade regarding this case.

Just last month, a Pennsylvania appeals court overturned Meek's conviction, as the cop involved has a history of corruption.

″(The state) cannot call a witness whose credibility it mistrusts," District Attorney Larry Krasner's office said of officer, Reginald Graham.

Graham has denied the allegations.

The decision has been rescheduled to Aug. 27, and Meek is allowed to remain out on bail.

Since his release, the rapper has been fighting for prison reform.

"It's the way that the system is structured. Like, you have a kid, he got 35 charges, he's facin' 25 years, he was sellin' two bags of weed but ended up gettin' charged with a buncha charges…" Meek told CBS earlier this year. "He don't have money, so he can't hire an attorney, so he's gonna take a deal. And his life is just ruined."