Nicki Minaj and her husband initiated a shouting match with Meek Mill and his crew - while shopping yesterday in Beverly Hills. 

Shortly afterwards, a man went online - claiming that he stepped in the middle of it and threatened Nicki Minaj's husband Kenneth Petty.

The man who told the tale, is a well known Los Angeles gangster and rapper named Retch. A quick look on his IG, shows Retch with machine guns and stacks of money. It's clear that he really is about that life!

What is also clear, is that Retch is not one of Meek’s close knit crew. So why was he in a store threatening anyone?

Well Retch went on IG Live yesterday, and explained how he stepped into an argument between Meek and Nicki Minaj's husband Kenneth Petty, in Beverly Hills.

And according to Retch, he threatened Kenneth Petty "for talking crazy.” Retch says he was ready "to kill him right in the store."

Retch is not a member of Meek’s crew, and certainly does not speak for Meek. In fact, ever since being incarcerated- Meek has done his best to steer clear of violence and street nonsense.

MTO News spoke to someone close to the situation who disputes everything that Retch is saying. “He’s telling 100% lies,” the source explained.

What we know for sure is that cooler heads prevailed. And instead of getting gangster with Nicki's man - Retch posed for pics with Nicki instead.

Meek and his crew left separately from Retch.

Listen to what Retch said:

Here’s a video showing Meek’s crew arguing with Nicki and her husband:

And the man had receipts. Here's pics of him with Nicki and Meek:

Nicki Minaj started dating Meek Mill in 2015. She was put in an awkward situation when her then boyfriend dismissed her friend. Duck. When he finally broke up with Meek in 2017, he reconciled with Drake. However, he fell in love with Drake again when he decided to end his enmity with Meek in 2018.

Drake and Meek collaborated on a song for the new Meek album that was released in the same year as Nicki's. According to reports, I was not happy. She criticized the duo in one of her new songs and rejected Drake in a Young Money meeting for your music video. She also joined forces with Kanye west in another project amid Drake's enmity with Kanye. Ultimately, they cease to be followed on social networks in 2018.