Rapper 50 Cent is a happy man, and he deserves all his happiness. He has a successful new show premiering on TV, tons of successful business ventures - and one of the baddest girls in the game on his arm.

But some people aren't as happy for the mogul as they should be.

Meek Mill's cousin - hip hop artist Omelly - dropped an Instagram post yesterday. And many on social media believe it was aimed at the Power creator.

You see, Omelly used to date 50's new bae Cuban Link. And Twitter thinks that he's salty that she's moved on - to bigger and better things.

Look what Omelly posted yesterday - as pictures of 50 and Cuban were blowing up all over social media:


Omelly also posted the below on Instagram, where he asked people not to "compare him" with someone else. A quick look at his comments, shows that most of the fans believe that he's talking about 50 Cent.

Hopefully the fans are wrong - and that Omelly is not looking for any problems with 50 Cent. He should be happy for all of 50's successes -  and not hating . . . 

By the way - here's 50's beautiful bae Cuban Link: