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Chiko Juan, a top entertainment executive was murdered yesterday in Atlanta. According to reports, Juan was killed in a triple shooting in South Fulton, Georgia. Meek Mill took to Instagram on the afternoon of December 13 to announce Juan’s passing. 

Mill said in the caption to his video, 

“RIP 🙏🏾🙏🏾 @chiko_juan you fought a long war with the streets I used to be scared for ya sometimes lol I’m sending my prayers to ya mom Rest in peace champ🏆🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾.”

Chiko Juan was close with rapper Meek Mill and Love and Hip-Hop star Tommie. He was working on entertainment deals for both at the time of his death.

The details surrounding Atlanta shooting are scarce. According to a Fox 5 Atlanta report, one person is dead (Juan) and two others are injured following a shootout in an apartment. Authorities told the media that the shooting took place after a group of men got into a fight. Those authorities said that there are no suspects of the shooting outstanding and that no witnesses have come forward.

It is unclear who lived in the apartment where the shooting took place or whether Chiko Juan is the intended victim.

Tommie Lee, who used to date Chiko, gave this tribute to him on social media:

The Daily Mail wrote an article in 2017 suggesting that Juan was allegedly involved in dealing heroin. In July 2017, one of Juan’s social media posts was used in a Daily Mail feature on an alleged heroin-dealing gang.

The Daily Mail claimed that the gang had $2 million in goods seized by the FBI as well as $900,000 in heroin. 

Juan’s photo was also used in a similar story on the gang by Men’s Health. The Daily Mail later posted another story on Juan that was titled, “Accused heroin dealer flaunts his lifestyle during Miami getaway.”