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Meek Mill has some sympathy for the newly incarcerated rapper, Tekashi 6ix9ine. 

During an interview on Real 92.3 LA, Meek had some sobering words on the whole drama. Meek expressed that he wanted to tell the DUMMY BOY rapper that he needed to "slow down" and that he's "beefin' with too many people right now."

"You can't live with ten security guards forever. The charges he got is a little crazy [...] and them people know he ain't responsible for all the things [he's being accused of]," Meek said.

He did say that he thought Tekashi was a good kid who got caught up with all of the drama. Meek recently squashed his long-running beef with Toronto rapper Drake. He told The Cruz Show:

“We actually been in contact, probably like a year before that,” he said. “But we was making the right timing and catching up to make it fully natural and be effective. The message was to send out love and build bridges, and not really separating bridges. You see a lot of bridges being separated in hip-hop all the time and everybody always takes things to another level where they can’t be fixed. It was a competitive thing—we had fun. It built us, made us stronger.”