Meek Mill sat down with Angie Martinez and touched on several topics including the Drake and Pusha T beef.

While Meek may have settled his feud with the "God's Plan" rapper, Pusha T and Drake are still at odds with each other. If you recall, Pusha outed Drake's secret baby, called him a lousy father and mocked his friend who is currently battling cancer.

Meek explained to Angie why he feels Pusha did not go too far in the controversial exchange:

"Ain't no such thing as going too hard. I would tell Drake that when I see him, too... I'm just tellin' you; I'm come from where n***as sayin', 'We will smoke your mom.' Like, 'We will lay on your mom and smoke her. Your dad is a rat. Your sister is a hoe. Your grand-mama's on crack.' That's how this game came up. This is what it is."

He also recalled his own back and forth with Drizzy.

"It wasn't no rules on me. They got memes, all types of shit going on. I don't know what to do. I'm in the mix. I'm confused now.

"Ain't no rules, though. You can take any stance you want; you can do it how you want. Just, you know, continue your legacy and be great. We're going to see all at the end, five years from now, ten years from now, who is going to continue to be great. We're gonna have some shootouts sometimes, you know what I mean? But as long as you make it home, that's all that matters at the end of the night."