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Meek Mill took aim at women who wear wigs. The Philly rapper told women that in the year 2019, he wants women to stop wearing wigs.

The rapper, who spent most of his life in prison or on parole, made the controversial comments yesterday on Instagram.

And almost immediately, women came out to fight back against his comments.


Here are a few comments made by angry women against Meek:

Who asked for his opinion?

Why? You don't respect women with Natural hair.

STFU you bad built dusty b*tch!

Man of The Year according to BET though.

Ummm but Nicki Minaj wears...different rules I suppose...ugly a** gremlin lookin a**.

But Meek may be behind the times. In the April issue of Vogue Magazine, the mag declared wigs are the NEW fashion status symbol.

The mag wrote:

This has been no overnight success, however; for the black community, the wig has always played a key role in women's beauty regimes. The difference is that now it has gone stellar. Its trajectory has been steady. There are the characters (Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Sia), the editorial shoots, social media (Kylie Jenner), television, music videos (that wig-shop scene in Beyoncé's "Formation"), film ( Jared Leto as Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club), the streets (from Brixton to Brooklyn)... The wig has stealthily worked its way out of the closet and into our conversations. It is no longer a dirty secret.