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Meek Mill Sued For Stealing '100 Summers' & 'Cold Hearted II' Lyrics

Rapper Meek Mill is back in the headlines after he was accused of stealing the lyrics to two of his tracks, "100 Summers" and "Cold Hearted II."

According to BOSSIP, boutique record company, Dream Rich Entertainment sued the Philly rapper last month. Meek, as well as his record label Dream Chaser and parent company Atlantic Records, have been accused of civil conspiracy to commit copyright infringement. 

They say that Meek stole its copyrighted songs and passed them off as his own on his last album, according to the company's complaint.

The rapper then used them on his 2018 album Championships, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200.

Dream Rich wants its day in court and for the judge to order Meek to pay it at least $75,000 for each alleged infraction in the lawsuit, or more than $300,000.

Meek is yet to release a statement on the lawsuit.