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Meek Mill hopped onto social media to vent after the feds allegedly searched his private jet.

“How many times we gotta be searched being black, man?” he says in a video clip shared online. “I be telling them, ‘The least y’all could do is give us an explanation for being searched.’ Y’all already know we black, we be getting searched too much.”

He continues, “All this sh*t, all our bags, and sh*t got laid out. We just landed in Miami to pick up food and gas, and they making us take all our bags off.”

Meek was not arrested for anything, and police reportedly did not find anything illegal onboard Meek's jet. The rapper has been a champion for social justice and co-founded the Reform Alliance with Jay-Z's Roc Nation.

"I'm here to speak for all the people who don't have a voice. I got caught up in the system ... and I always wondered what happened to people in situations worse than mine," he said at the time.