Rapper MEEK MILL'S Main Chick Is Wearing A DIAMOND RING . . . Did Meek POP THE QUESTION . . . While Locked Up???

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Rapper Meek Mill is still locked up for parole violation, though new reports show that he may be released in as little as a few months. Just because he's free from prison, doesn't mean he's going to be a free man though.

MTO News is hearing reports that Meek Mill may have gotten engaged while locked up. While he fights for his freedom, he is fighting for love with his girlfriend Nessa. We can’t help but wonder if the two are getting ready to tie the knot after going strong for a little more than a year.

Recently Nessa posted a pic of her new "eternity band" on Instagram, leading many to speculate that they are in it for the long haul.


This news comes after the District Attorney’s Office has filed a shortened motion to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court confirming the DA’s belief that Meek Mill should be released on bail.

Meek's release from prison may become reality soon, as his previous judge is no longer on the case. All of this is great news for Meek Mill and hopefully he'll be able to live life on the outside, and make it official with Nessa.

Yes, Nessa has been seen rocking that big diamond ring recently, but is it an engagement ring? Keep it locked right here to MTO news for more on Meek and Nessa!