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Meek Mill posted a tweet in which he poked fun at the recent reports of a Herpes outbreak at Coachella.

Meek tweeted:

"Me B4 I hit? Did you go to Coachella lil mama lol"

He is, of course, referring to HerpAlert HerpAlert — a website where users can send NSFW images for clinical evaluation and receive prescription treatment for the incurable STD in just a couple hours - who had reported that they saw an influx of cases in Indio, Calif. during the Coachella Festival.

According to the New York Post, the site usually receives about 12 diagnoses per day — but between April 12 and April 21, spanning the two weekends of Coachella, they counted up to 250 herpes cases per day.

The rise is the incurable STD has been making headlines across the nation. But if you're a baddie and you've been to this year's Coachella Fest - you may not be able to bag Meek.