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Meek Mill Is On INSTAGRAM Crying After Nicki FIRED HIM . . . He Says He 'TOOK A LOSS' . . . But That He's 'STILL A BOSS'!!


Last week, Nicki Minaj announced via Instagram that she was DUMPING Meek Mill. The two have had a very VOLATILE relationship, where one minute they're in love . . . and the next they SPLIT UP.

Immediately after getting FIRED BY NICKI, Meek deleted his Instagram profile. But now he's back.

Last night Meek posted that he recently "took a loss," apparently referring to his breakup with Nicki. But according to Meek, he's "still a boss."

That's not what Nicki thought. She fired Meek Mill because he's still hood, and she wants to be known as a "classy lady."