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Meek Mill is telling his friends and associates that he misses Nicki Minaj, and that he wants her back, MTO News has learned.

In a new report from HollywoodLife, one of Meek's close friend claims that he's ready to try and win Nicki back.

Here's what they are reporting:

“Meek is shocked that Nicki is still with Kenneth. He was surprised when they first hooked up and he is more shocked now that they have stayed together as long as they have been.”

Even though, Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj parted ways in January 2017, the source said he still misses her:

“Meek thinks about Nicki all the time, even misses her sometimes,” our source continues, but clarifies that “[Meek] will never reach out to her as long as Kenneth stands in the way.”

So Meek is planning on waiting it out, and hoping that Kenneth and Nicki's relationship fizzles out. Then, the Philly rapper is expected to swoop down on Nicki like a hungry vulture.

The report continued:

Nicki’s current boyfriend, Kenneth, in recent years has been convicted for first-degree manslaughter and attempted rape, and has served prison time.

“Meek is shocked that Nicki is still with Kenneth because he thinks she deserves better than guys from her neighborhood like Kenneth. Meek feels Nicki is going through a phase with this guy from her past.” HollywoodLife source explains.. . 

“Meek does not expect Nicki to stay with Kenneth and once he is out of the way, when the timing is right, Meek would love to hit her up again.”

What do you think about a Meek and Nicki reunion??