Meek Mill GOT FAT . . . Bigger Belly Than RICK ROSS!!

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Rapper Meek Mill has gotten fat since being released from prison three months ago. The Philly rapper was spotted in NYC, surrounded by security.

The rapper was previously known for being skinny - not anymore.

Meet still remains relatively slim in his arms and legs. But he now has a giant pot belly.

Some on social media are saying that his belly is now even bigger than his mentor, Rick Ross.


Following his release from his three-to-six month prison sentence for probation violation on December 2, 2014, Mill began dating rapper and singer Nicki Minaj in early 2015; he accompanied her as an opening act on her 2015 world tour. On January 2, 2017, it was reported that Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj had ended their two-year relationship. Their breakup is furthermore detailed on Minaj’s 2017 single, “Regret in Your Tears”.