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Meek Mill Fans STAGED A PROTEST Yesterday In Philly . . . They're Trying To Get His PROBATION REMOVED!! (Wow . . . REALLY?)


Rapper Meek Mill has a really dedicated fan base. Some folks are protesting Black Lives Matter. Others are protesting the conventions. But yesterday in Philly a group of Meek fans staged a protest to have Meek's probation reduced.

Yesterday afternoon Meek Mill supporters marched in a rally for injustice to protest Meek Mill's unlawful probation.

Check out the pics from the protest.

Meek has been dealing with legal issues since he was 19 years old. In 2008 he was convicted of a gun charge and sentenced to five years probation (as well as doing jail time). He was on house arrest for 90 days earlier this year for violating his parole.