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Fans of Meek Mill are raising questions after he hopped on Twitter and tweeted that he doesn't want a woman with anything "fake."

"I don't want a woman to have nothing on fake if I can tell it's fake ... it's a turn off #askmeen#k" he tweeted.


Fans were confused as Meek openly and very publicly dated "MEGATRON" rapper Nicki Minaj, who has obviously had more than a little work done.

Nicki has evidently had her breasts and her world-famous booty enhanced - and Meek was in love with her and everything that came with her throughout their relationship.

"Weren't you engaged to Nicky Minaj? Was it a turnoff then? #AskMeek" one of his followers asked.

"So why did u date @NICKIMINAJ with a fake body 🤷🏾‍♀️" another chimed in.

Another follower typed, "What about Niki's hair, that hynee and them titties LOLOLOL Bruh..."

We think he's probably talking about designer clothing and such... Not body parts.